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Weight loss coaching

Through one-to-one coaching I'll help you follow a sustainable weight-loss plan that suits your lifestyle.

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Weight loss coaching

Through one-to-one coaching I'll help you follow a sustainable weight-loss plan that suits your lifestyle.

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Get help from someone who understands
you and your struggles

Are you completely fed up with being overweight? Have you tried countless diets that leave you utterly confused about what you should be eating?

I understand your pain all too well. Dealing with weight issues has been a personal battle since I was 9 years old. During my first pregnancy, I gained 4 stone and, from that point on, I embarked on a never-ending quest for that elusive magic diet, pill or potion that could finally free me from the dieting rollercoaster. This relentless pursuit eventually led me to retrain as a nutritionist.

Initially, my primary concern was shedding pounds, but over time I began to prioritise my overall health. I used to consume anything touted as a weight-loss solution without considering its impact on my wellbeing. After spending a decade working for a weight-loss company, I started to question the health implications of eating so-called “food-like substances” just because they were labelled as “Sin free.” As it turned out, my scepticism was well-founded.

Today, I revel in eating the most delicious and nourishing foods. No longer do I weigh, measure or count every morsel I consume. Instead, I find myself feeling both full and deeply satisfied after each meal, energised and brimming with health.

My journey has equipped me with valuable knowledge and I’m eager to share it with you. My goal is to help you discover an approach to eating that suits your lifestyle, preferences and family situation – a sustainable way of nourishing your body without ever having to resort to dieting again.

I offer 3 different packages to cater to the varying needs of my clients, providing the support necessary to achieve positive and lasting changes.

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Weight-Loss Coaching Packages


Weight-Loss Bundle

This is for someone who is motivated to go it alone, but needs the science and a plan to follow.


12-Week Weight-Loss Package

For the person who needs support and accountability. 

(Consultations can be in-person or online – your choice)


Science and Support

If you would like all the science and the support you can buy both packages together.

Get support!

Free yourself from the dieting rollercoaster. I'll be here to help you every step of the way.
It all starts with a free 20-minute consultation.


  • Q. How quickly will I lose weight?
  • A: The secret to long-lasting weight loss is losing it slowly. To lose weight quickly you need to make extreme dietary changes and follow gruelling exercise regimes that aren’t sustainable long term. This then can lead to rapid weight gain and you often end up heavier than when you started. After the first few weeks of weight loss, you should be losing roughly 1lb a week. 
  • Q. Do I need to come to your clinic every week for a weigh-in?
  • A. No. Your initial appointment will be in person or via a video call. You will weigh yourself at home before you start and then at whatever intervals we agree would be helpful to you. 
  • Q. How long is the weekly call?
  • A. Usually about 15 minutes. Some weeks you may need a longer call if you have lots of questions or need some extra motivation, while other weeks you may be be fine and just want a quick check-in. I leave time in my diary between calls so you won’t be rushed if you need to chat. 
  • Q. What happens if I can’t make the same time each week for my call?
  • A. That’s no problem. We always decide a convenient time for the following week at the end of each call. If things change, you just let me know during the week and we can rearrange. 
  • Q. If I have a lot of weight to lose, what happens at the end of the 12 weeks?
  • A. At the end of the 12 weeks you have a few different choices. If you feel you can go it alone, you can take everything I have taught you and keep going. If at any time you feel you need my help again, you will always be welcomed back. If you feel you would prefer to still have my support, I have 3 different follow-on plans. You can choose to continue weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 
  • Q. I have to cook for my family. Will I have to make different meals for them?
  • A. Absolutely not. I will teach you how to make this work within your lifestyle. I’m passionate about everybody in the family eating the same healthy food, especially children. If you get them enjoying real food from a young age, they won’t have to address their own weight issues when they are older. 
  • Q. I have to stay away from home or eat out a lot with my job. Will I still be able to lose weight?
  • A. Yes. One of the reasons I have made this a 12-week course is to give me plenty of time to coach you. I will teach you how to make the best choices in the situations you will face. 
  • Q. I’m not a very good cook – will I have to make complicated recipes?
  • A. I have lots of tools, recipes, handouts and videos to help you make healthy food, whatever your capabilities. 
  • Q. I’m really busy so I don’t have time to prepare lots of food. Can I still follow your plans?
  • A. I will be honest and say that people who are organised and prepare or batch cook are the most successful, but I have lots of ideas to help you if you really don’t have any time. There’s always a way to help everyone. When I get to know you and your situation, I can always find a solution to help you be successful.
  • Q. What makes your approach different from all the other weight loss solutions I’ve tried before?
  • A. Firstly, you won’t be going on a crash diet where you will be starving and feeling deprived. Instead, I’m going to ask you to make some sustainable, long-term changes. The plan I give you will be nutritionally sound, so not only will your health not be compromised, you will actually feel better than you have ever felt and you will have loads more energy. I have been coaching clients for 27 years, so whatever weight loss issues you have, I will have seen them many times before and will have lots of tools to help you. That said, I’m not going to promise you a magic pill. You will still need to make changes to your life and be prepared to stick to these changes if you want the weight to stay off. 
  • Q. What happens if I book a free call? 
  • A. You can book a free consultation directly into my diary by clicking the button above. I will then call you at the time you’ve chosen. We will just chat about what you are struggling with and you will have the opportunity to ask me any questions you have. If you don’t think I am the right person to help you, that’s no problem. You have to have a connection with someone if you’re going to speak to then every week for at least 12 weeks. You may also think it isn’t the right time for you. Either way, I won’t try to persuade you to sign up for anything. You can just get in touch if and when the time is right.